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    Element structure and box-type substation voltage levels


    Box-type substation, also known as box-type transformers, prefabricated substations, etc., into American and Continental me change me change.

    Box-type substation electrical equipment components are selected styling products, technical performance components meet the appropriate standards. Substations also have the power to detect, display and measurement functions, and can achieve the appropriate protection, also has a dedicated ground guide, and there are clear signs of grounding.

    To adapt to the outdoor environment, shell top box becomes generally used barrier structure, built with insulating materials have cooled between the bottom of the box and out of each chamber outlet, with natural air cooling and automatic control of forced air cooling, etc. forms, in order to ensure proper cooling of electrical equipment, with rain, dust, and other measures to prevent small animals from entering

    At present, the domestic production of box-type variable voltage level, the high side for 3 ~ 35kV, the low side for 0.4 ~ 10kV. Capacity of the transformer, when the rated voltage ratio is 35/10, 6, from hundreds of thousands of kVA kVA ~ 0.4 kV, when the rated voltage ratio is 10, while 6 / 0.4 kV from tens of kilovolts Ann ~ thousand kVA.

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