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    The installation of box-type substation


    Installation of box-type substation general provisions:

    10kV cable outlet pipe should be laid to wear.

    Box-type substation foundation should be higher than the outdoor terrace, surrounded by smooth drainage. Complete with anchor bolts fixed nut and tighten securely; freedom should be placed flat pad positive. Metal Box substation, the box should be grounded (PE) or receive a zero (PEN) and reliable, and has an identity.

    Box-type substation over test must comply with:

    A combination of high-voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear and transformer unit into three separate high-voltage electrical equipment box-type substation section, press the "works of electrical installations of electrical equipment over test" provides the transfer of the test.

    High-voltage switches, fuses, etc. in combination with the transformer tank with a sealed box-type substation, the technical documentation provided by product over test execution requirements.

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