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    • Box-type substation series

    ZGS11 series combination of transformers

    Oroduct Overview

    ZHE JIANG BOGUANG ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been committed to product quality control and enterprise management "manufacturing high-quality goods, integrity service" is always our commitment to the customer. The company produces crystal sales of customers is the main power supply bureau, the company (hereafter called sacsc), mechanical and electrical equipment company, best-selling domestic provinces and cities autonomous regions, many times by the national key factory, export Europe and Africa southeast Asia etc, in use process to get the user high praise!

    Product Overview


    ZGS11 series combined transformer is introduced gas source localization American box. Since successfully developed since, after years of carefully orchestrated, the product distribution network in urban and rural areas as an important power supply unit, set the high-voltage substation control and distribution equipment in one of the power distribution products, widely used among the urban and rural power distribution network .

    The product will be high voltage load switch, high voltage fuses placed in transformer oil, with a total body of the transformer box or binning two structural forms. Tank fully sealed structure with oil temperature meter, oil level gauge, pressure gauge, pressure relief valves, drain valves, and other components to monitor the transformer operation. The products are divided into ring type, terminal type, and dual power supply mode type. In order to make the product more suitable for the actual requirements of China's power grid, has launched a plug fuse, fuse wire melting transformer does not affect performance. Depending on the complexity of the requirements of low-voltage feeder, ZGS11 series is divided into standard, enhanced and integrated three shell form, so that users and design units in the selection more flexible and economical.

    Use of the environment

    ◆ Ambient temperature: maximum temperature of + 40 ℃, the lowest temperature of -30 ℃

    ◆ elevation: ≤1000m;

    ◆ wind speed: the equivalent of 34m / s (not more than 700Pa);

    ◆ humidity: daily average relative humidity ≤95%; average monthly relative humidity ≤95%;

    ◆ shock: horizontal acceleration is not greater than 0.4m / s, the vertical acceleration is not greater than 0.15m / s;

    ◆ tilt installation site: less than 3 °;

    ◆ Installation Environment: Ambient air pollution is not obvious corrosive, flammable gas, etc., the installation site without severe shock;

    ◆ order this product beyond the provisions of the above conditions, you can negotiate with the company.

    Product structural features

    ◆ compact structure, small size, with the capacity of the domestic product is only 1 / 3-1 / 5 or so, greatly reducing the footprint;

    ◆ Fully sealed, fully insulated structure, without insulation distance, reliable protection of personal safety;

    ◆ high voltage load switch fuse combinations using protection;

    ◆ high-voltage wiring both for ring network, but also for the terminal, power supply flexibility, high reliability;

    ◆ transformer performance: low loss, low noise, low temperature rise; overload, short circuit withstanding strong impact resistance;

    ◆ meet the requirements of low-voltage DC output, according to the program selection, can also design their own;

    ◆ cable head, elbow type cable connector 200A and 600AT-type connectors are two, elbow-type cable connector is suitable for cable cross-sectional area of 35-185mm2 T, type connector suitable for cable cross-sectional area of 235-500mm, cable head into the copper material core and aluminum core, both of which can be configured with full insulation MOA. 200A Elbow plug cable head can take the load, but also can play a role in isolating switches.

    Binning structural features

    ◆ box changes using binning structure:

    Pressure is changed and the body of high voltage switches, plug-in fuse and reserve limiting fuses and other high-voltage components were placed in a sealed tank, about two boxes arranged horizontally, completely separated by a partition, the partition wall with insulation casing used in transformers and wiring load switch, can be easily removable, without affecting the use of another box.

    ◆ box is arranged around two advantages:

    ◆ two boxes of each other:

    - To prevent leakage due to partition in the end lead to the upper oil into the tank causing the upper tank in oil ministry (in oil or no oil causes the operating load switch arcing, equipment and personal dangerous);

    - Another advantage is arranged around easy maintenance. When the transformer room, load switch room overhaul two boxes of each other, convenient (eg down transformer arrangement needs overhaul after total removal of the Ministry of the upper tank to open the transformer tank, maintenance is very inconvenient).

    ◆ binning structure to solve the load switch operations and the fuses for transformer oil pollution.

    ◆ American box changed the configuration of high-voltage fuse protection list (three phase)


    Product Structure

    Transformer performance parameters

    ◆ 10kv transformer combined with S9, S10, S11 series of oil-immersed transformer performance levels

    Note: a high-voltage transformer according to user requirements can be designed to tap the range of ± 2 × 2.5%; b according to user requirements can be designed for low-voltage transformers 0.69KV...


    ◆ ZGS11 Series Standard Dimensions

    Note: 1, low voltage cabinet length of 800mm, 160kVA no fins, 1000kVA in the tank on the right but also a set of fins.

    2, when the tank is ring type, spacing L for 1950. Other data unchanged.

    ◆ ZGS11 Series Enhanced Dimensions

    Note: 1, low voltage cabinet length of 1300mm, 160kVA no fins, 1000kVA in the tank on the right there is a set of fins.

    2, when the fuel tank for RMU type, spacing L for 2450, other data unchanged.

    ◆ ZGS11 series of integrated Dimensions

    Note: 1, low voltage cabinet length of 2100mm, 160kVA no heat sink.

    Base map

    ◆ standard, enhanced

    Foundation construction requirements

    ◆ basic endurance requirements than 100kPa.

    ◆ higher ground infrastructure in place, surrounded by the outward drainage, the use of red brick masonry cement mortar, both inside and outside the walls with 1: 2 cement mortar 20mm thick, doped 3% water repellent.

    ◆ cable compartment underside is slightly tilted to the collector pipes need side, in order to avoid stagnant water.

    Plus side welded steel mesh of 150 × 300 ◆ blinds in (10 × 20) diamond eye, blinds frame welding bars claws buried in the wall.

    ◆ foundation construction shall comply with JGJ / T16-92 "civil electrical design specifications" relevant regulations.

    ◆ grounding lines and grounding practices based upon the routine for the ground along Route RMU arranged around the leads from the cable channel can also be extended from one layout grounding; grounding resistance requirements ≤4Ω.

    ◆ FIG size recommended values.

    ◆ user can set the cable into the line well in three or four directions, according to the actual situation.




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