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      KYN61-40.5 armored remove AC metal-enclosed switchgear

      Oroduct Overview

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      KYN61-40.5 (Z) type armored remove AC metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) the amount of three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 40.5kV indoor power distribution equipment. As power plants, substations and industrial and mining enterprises to accept and distribution of electric energy, to play a control circuit, protection and monitoring functions, but also for frequent operation place. The switchgear line with GB / T11022-1999, GB9306-2006 and DL / T 04-2007 standards.

      Main features

      · Cabinet structure using assembled, circuit breaker handcart floor structure;

      · Equipped with a new type of composite insulated vacuum circuit breakers, and replace with a simple interchangeability of characteristics;

      · Used screw nut is installed in the frame advance mechanism, you can easily move the trolley, and to prevent misuse and promote structural damage;

      ? All operations can be carried out at the door closed state;

      · Main switch, handcart, door interlock switch between mandatory mechanical locking methods are used to meet the "Five Anti" feature;

      ? Cable ample room space, can be connected to a plurality of cables;

      · Fast grounding switch for grounding and closing short-circuit;

      · Protection rating IP3X, handcart room door open state, protection class IP2X;

      · Products comply with GB 9306-2006, DL / T 04-2007 and IEC 928 reference adopt international standards.

      Environmental conditions

      Ambient temperature: up to + 40 ℃, and the average value measured over 24h does not exceed 35 ℃, the lower limit of a 10 ℃

      · Altitude: not exceed 1000m;

      Relative humidity: daily average of not more than 95%, on average less than 90%;

      · Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degrees;

      · Water vapor pressure: daily average of not more than 2.2kPa, on average less than 1.8kPa;

      · Surrounding environment: no fire, explosion, serious contamination, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.

      Technical parameters

      The main technical parameters of vacuum switchgear

      The main technical parameters of vacuum circuit breaker

      Spring operating machinery main technical parameters

      Switchgear structural features

      Switchgear according to GB3906-2006 and IEC298 in armored metal-enclosed switchgear standard design. Can be extracted from the cabinet and the whole section (Used) composed of two parts. Cabinet structure is assembled with bolted combination forming a metal partition separating the internal circuit breaker switchgear room, main bus room, cable room and relay instrument room. Shell protection grade IP3X, among compartment protection class IP2X, and all grounded metal structure, each compartment of the main circuit exhaust system with separate pressure release channel.

      · Housing and clapboard open switchgear enclosure and after cold-rolled steel bulkhead with CNC machining and bending by bolted together. Therefore assembled switchgear structure size to ensure uniformity. Was divided breaker switchgear room, main bus room, cable room and relay meter room, each part to a grounded metal partition separating.

      · Used

      Withdrawable circuit breaker can be divided according to use, voltage transformer handcart, metrology handcart, isolating handcart and other varieties of trucks of the same dimensions, the same purpose handcart interchangeability. Used in the cabinet have test / isolated position and work location, each location has interlocks to ensure that just can not be moved when the trolley is in these two locations.

      · Circuit-breaker compartment compartment installed off the track for a specific mobile trolley. When moving the breaker, isolation valves automatically open or closed position and working position between tests to protect the staff do not touch live body. Trolley can be operated in case the door closed, the window can be seen by observing the position of the cabinet in which the trolley, the trolley while to see any sign on functionality.

      · Busbar chamber

      Main busbar switchgear lead from one to another through the branches of a small bus switchgear and static contact box is fixed at the time of crossing the adjacent cabinet side casing fixed by bus. All the way to the bus using composite insulation.

      · Cable compartment

      Cables can be installed indoors PT, grounding switches, surge arresters and multiple cables.

      ? Relay Room

      Interior panels and relay control panels can be installed to protect the components, measurement, display secondary component instruments, live monitoring indicators.

      · Interlock device

      · Switchgear with reliable interlock device, and effectively protect the safety of operators and equipment;

      · When the grounding switch is in the OFF position, the trolley can be moved from the test / isolated position working position and can not open the back door, to prevent mistakenly charged interval.

      ? When fully extended outside the cabinet trolley or handcart in the cabinet test / disconnected position and grounding switch interlock latch can be grounding switch closing operation; when the trolley in the working position, not

      Earthing switch can be closed to prevent the charged closing earthing switch, preventing the grounding switch in the closed position when the trolley moves to the working position.

      · Circuit breaker in the test / disconnected position or the working position, in order to operate the circuit breaker; and closing the circuit breaker, the trolley can not move to prevent the sliding load breaker when energized.

      · Each cabinet can be installed between the electrical interlock.

      · Grounding device

      In the cable in the room, alone has Φ6 × 50mm2 the ground bus, the bus can run through all the adjacent cabinet, good contact with the cabinet.

      Switchgear Dimensions

      Switchgear installation

      · Electrical room height: ≥4500mm;

      · After the cabinet away from the wall distance: ≥1500mm;

      · Infrastructure of flatness: ≤1mm / m2;

      · Basic embedded channel section above the ground not more than 3mm;

      · The bolts or welding fixed on the foundation;

      · Switchgear weight of about 1800kg;

      · Switchgear operating corridor width (single): ≥3000mm, double row (face to face) ≥4000mm.

      Switchgear installed base schematic

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